Duet Rules & Regs

Online Body Corporate

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Attorney drafted templates that comply with 50 Acts.

  Dynamic Forms

Web forms correctly create and link pages to source data.

  Single Source Data

POPI compliant process asks users to supply source data and grant usage.

  Page Authorisation

Managers must authorise page changes pre publication.


  Meetings & Minutes

Invite attendees. Attach agendas. Record voting. Publish minutes.

  Document Management

Create, import, store and search files, documents, and letters.

  Rules & Regulations

Search rules and rulings. Request approvals. Register complaints.

  Task Management

Create tasks and deadlines. Assign re-asign and remind users & more..

  Calendars & Events

Create Body Corporate and individualised calendars and events.

  Content Management

Create and publish Complex content. Control who views and edits.

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If you think compliance is expensive, try non compliance.

Cloud Office

What is included?

Mobile frontend. BlueSpice back end. Visual Editor. Dynamic reports. Forms & Templates

What does hosting cost?

Hosting the Site costs R180 pm. Pre-paid online support. T&C's apply

Setup R3,500

Once off

  • Import Docs
  • Import Images
  • Digitize Plan
  • Import Owners, Staff, Tenants

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Form Packs

Per user Updates for 12 months

  • HR
  • Listings & Rentals
  • Community Board
  • Collections & Legal

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