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Automated Compliance

Governance Direct

Automates Red Tape

Modern Capture

Modern Capture integrates document content into workflow.

Structured Content

Structured Content converts text into query-able knowledge.

Governance Direct

Governance Direct matches Governance to outcome.

Modern Capture

Modern Capture takes document scanning and digital storage a step further. It integrates source document content and data into your workflows. Source data usage means high accuracy, less paper, shorter cycle times, and improved automation.

Knowledge is structured information

DataWiki creates, collects, structures and curates compliance data.

Dugon defines knowledge management as a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing of all of an enterprise's information assets.

DataWiki integrates compliance data, documents, policies, procedures, expertise, communications, tasks, meetings, minutes and histories into a single searchable, query-able knowledge base. In short DataWiki facilitates data driven governance, collaboration and decision making.

Content Lifecycle.jpg

DataWiki automates the content life cycle.

  • WYSIWYG editors create pages.
  • Authorised Intranet publishing is easy.
  • Page access is controlled.
  • Forms and templates structure input.
  • Data can be imported and exported in csv format.
  • Data provenance and change histories are always kept.
  • Messages and watch lists auto-notify comments and changes.
  • Reports and lists update themselves dynamically.
  • Page visitor details are stored.
  • Pages can be rolled back, deleted and restored.

Secure Data Source

DataWiki's technology structures and stores data, documents, meetings, minutes, tasks, files, collaborations and communications securely as web pages in your intranet where permissioned users can search for and query data and content.

  • Access is controlled
  • Content is authorised
  • Content is searchable
  • Page creation is controlled
  • Content is reused
  • Provenance is recorded
  • Reports and Lists are dynamic
  • Different views for different users
  • Links and tabs